Coffee beansWhere does your coffee come from?

We are proud to source our coffee from the highly regarded Clifton Coffee Roasters of Bristol. It is a 100% Arabica blend with Rainforest Alliance and Direct Trade coffees from Ethiopia and India. It’s medium roasted which allows the beans to express their character really well.
We use the well reputed ‘Clipper’ Fair Trade teas; along with Traditional English Breakfast we serve a wide range of fruit and herbal teas.



1391329522100Do you sell anything gluten- and dairy-free?

Yes! We proudly serve a range of gluten- and dairy-free cakes, so please just ask when ordering. When serving savoury food we are also able to offer gluten free options.


How much space do you need for your pitch?

When set up and open for business our cart measurements are approximately:
Frontage: 5m  x  Depth: 3.5m (including customer hatch)
If appropriate, we also like to provide a customer seating area, which we find people really appreciate, particularly on a nice sunny day! The dimensions for this area are obviously subject to what’s available.


What kind of events do you trade at?20150215_124940

Any where people will want high quality refreshments to be served! If you have an event in mind, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We fit in particularly well at festivals, shows, fairs, markets, conferences, private functions, weddings and corporate events.


What milk do you use?

Whole milk is our default as it gives the richest flavour and creamiest texture. We also offer skimmed, semi-skimmed and soya milk if required.


IMG_-uic9s9What on earth is a ‘Flat White’?

A shorter, stronger coffee made with a double espresso and mixed with velvety smooth hot milk. A popular choice amongst coffee connoisseurs!


Do you do decaf?

Yes! We can make any of our speciality coffees with a 100% Arabica ‘washed’ decaffeinated coffee. We also serve decaf tea by Clipper, along with a range of fruit and herbal teas which are naturally caffeine free.



Are you part of a franchise?

No! We are fully independent and proud of it!


What do you recycle?

All of our plastic milk cartons, plastic and glass drinks bottles and tin cans. We’re proud to say that all our cups and lids, wooden stirrers and cake forks are 100% biodegradable so when you put them in a bin they won’t leave behind any harmful by-products. Hooray!

What are your power requirements?IMG_20160131_195633
We use only a small amount of electricity as our main source of power is LPG. We can either plug into a 13amp electric supply or use our own ‘silent’ suitcase generator. We can also operate indoors as we are able to run solely on electricity subject to there being a plug in point and a door big enough for us to fit through!