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It matters to us that our customers really enjoy their purchase, and therefore we only use the freshest products along with a determination to serving each order to the highest standard. Our hot drinks are prepared freshly by trained and experienced baristas, so you can be confident that it will be delicious! Mediocrity is not welcome here!

Local Provenance

Based in Somerset we are committed to sourcing as much as we can from local suppliers, thereby supporting the local economy. Our coffee, and hot chocolate are sourced from Triple Co Roast, a small independent artisan roaster in Bristol who are passionate about sourcing direct from the growers and roasting in small batches to optimise freshness. Our cakes are homemade by ourselves so you can’t get more local than that!




It matters to us that the people who produce the coffee and tea we serve are paid a fair share for it. Therefore all our coffee and tea and hot chocolate is ethically sourced. Even our and sugar sachets are ‘Fair Trade’!




We endeavour to operate our business in a way that is less polluting to the environment. All our cups and lids are 100% biodegradable / compostable, we use minimal electricity, and our coffee is ‘Rainforest Alliance’ certified.


Fast and Efficient Service

We make a considerable effort to work quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality so that customers aren’t kept waiting long. A friendly smile awaits!

Gluten Free

Catering for Dietary Needs

We are fully aware how difficult it can be for ‘allergy sufferers’ when eating out, and therefore are committed to offering a range of gluten free and dairy free cakes and also offer both oat milk and soya milk in addition to dairy milk. When we serve savoury food we always make sure that there is a vegan and gluten free option.


Customer Seating

We happily provide a customer seating area so that people can relax and enjoy both their purchase and the atmosphere of the event. We fully realise that for this to work, tables must be regularly cleaned, and the area kept tidy and free from litter. Customer bins will be provided and emptied regularly.


We carry with us over 15 years of experience in the coffee / café field and are therefore confident in both the ‘product’ that we serve and in running our business professionally. We provide a fast, friendly and efficient service and can cope well under pressure, for instance, when there is a large demand for our products – big queues!


Finally, we believe that doing things to the highest standard is the only way worth working! Attention to detail matters to us.